Escape the bustle of urban life on the 42km Great Western Greenway, Ireland’s longest off-road walking and cycling trail which forms part of the National Cycle Network.
The Greenway has been designed for shared use by leisure walkers and cyclists and is suitable for people with a moderate level of fitness. The route is mainly traffic-free and off-road with a solid surface, either tarred or compacted and can be used to commute to and from school or work. The Greenway is way-marked with a National Cycle Network symbol and white directional arrows.


When walking or cycling it is important to think of your own safety and also the safety of others. Always be courteous and respectful of other cyclists, walkers and drivers along your route.

Minimum Gear: Walking shoes, bike, mobile phone, snacks, fluids and waterproofs. Always wear a helmet while cycling.

It is recommended that a hybrid bicycle be used on the Greenway – contact local bike hire operators for more information (Page 11). Whether on or off road, always ensure your bike is in good working order.


  • Be familiar with the Rules of the Road as they apply to walkers & cyclists
  • Maximise your visibility – wear bright clothing, fit lights to your bike & use them at night and wear clothing with reflective strips
  • Be alert and don’t wear earphones
  • Cycle decisively and clearly indicate your intentions to other route/road users
  • Take care at junctions
  • Think ahead and anticipate walkers and drivers actions
  • Walk / cycle well clear of the road edge or kerb – debris and drains are a hazard
  • Don’t cycle on footpaths intended for pedestrians
  • When cycling in a group always warn cyclists behind you of hazards ahead
  • Cyclists should always give way to walkers


  • Give way to pedestrians and leave plenty of room. Slow down and stop if necessary
  • Take care at junctions, bends and entrances
  • Don’t assume that other users can see or hear you – use a bell
If you encounter any difficulties, contact the emergency services on 999.