The Westport Dessert Competition 2012

Another quality project organised and sponsored by Westport Tourism Organisation.

This is a competition, sponsored by Westport Tourism Organisation, to define a confection, an enticement that is most definitely pleasurable that will be marketed as the definition of the West of Ireland, Mayo and more specifically of Westport, the best place to live in Ireland!  The taste of the winning dessert will convey Westport, be it the tradition, the produce and or the talent. Prizes up to 1,000.00 to be won!  At the request of the public, entries will now being accepted up to September 14th.
Unique and charming, the heritage town of Westport is a captivating blend of traditional and modern. From the cosiest corner of an antique pub to state-of-the-art conference facilities; from the heart-stirring beat of traditional music to the cosmopolitan approach, contrast and paradox are just part of its charm.
If you enjoy shopping in an old world atmosphere, then a browse through the shops in Westport will prove interesting. Many of the shops have retained their old world facade, giving Westport streets a unique atmosphere. See the vast variety of shops in Westport town.
Westport House & Country Park is one of the most popular attractions in Westport  with its extraordinary mixture of history, culture and fun for all the family.